January 25, 2017

Rep. Vargas Statement on President Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Executive Orders

San Diego, CA (January 25, 2017) — Today, Congressman Juan Vargas (CA-51) released this statement following President Trump’s Executive Orders on immigration:

“By issuing today’s Executive Orders, President Trump has officially put his anti-immigrant rhetoric into action. These Executive Orders do not bring us any closer to achieving comprehensive immigration reform and they do not make America safer. Instead, the President is proposing solutions that target, criminalize, and demonize innocent communities.

Building a wall and stripping funds from sanctuary cities are not effective immigration policies, they are divisive policies. As the leader of the free world, our President must develop humane and fair immigration policies that keep all families safe and united.

The United States is a nation of immigrants, a nation where people of any background can work to achieve the American Dream. This is the foundation of our country, and it’s shameful to see that our President has chosen to betray our nation’s values.

I will not stand for this and I am committed to standing up to any efforts of mass deportations, criminalization, or the demonization of immigrants.”

Vargas represents California’s 51st Congressional District which includes the southern portion of San Diego County, all of Imperial County and California’s entire US/Mexico border.  Vargas was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012 and is currently serving his third term in Congress.  He serves on the House Financial Services Committee.